Balldo Set Purple

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Your gateway to your first ballsex experience and your first 'BALLGASM!' - your Balldo set comes with a Balldo & two spacer rings to ensure that you have everything you need to start having fun.The multi-award winning Balldo is made from phthalate-free silicone with a super stretchy upper ring to make putting the Balldo on and off as easy as putting on your underwear.When fitted to a man's scrotum, it will allow him to use his balls to penetrate his partner and release a totally new type of sexual experience and pleasure for both. The Balldo™ encapsulates the balls and 'presents' them in a specially designed cage that keeps them orientated as they should be and allows them to be inserted and then thrusted into a vagina or anus or to be masturbated in solo play.Effectively your balls become a second penis, with their own unique feeling of stimulation for both the wearer and the recipient.The cage is very soft on the outside but internally is fitted with a strong inner core which ensures that the tip and side legs stay rigid enough to easily penetrate an orifice.The balldo™ also ships with two 'spacer rings' – these are pulled over the balldo™ and sit between its base and your abdomen. Their purpose is to take up the slack in your scrotal skin and extend the balldo™ and balls away from your body to make penetration effective. With both rings fitted the balldo™ is 7 inches long – the same as the average penis.For the wearer – once inside, thrusting comes instinctively and bizarrely feels like normal sex. However, the sensation is very deep and unusual because your balls are inside someone and you are actually penetrating with them. Ballgasms are slow building, long lasting and earth shattering as the body and mind doesn't actually know where the trigger is coming from.For the partner – the balldo™ is naturally nice and thick and filling, when the balls pass 'the wall' inside you there is that satisfying 'plop' feeling and the balls can clearly be felt as being larger than the rest of the balldo™. The excitement of having a man's balls in your anus or vagina adds the extra level of arousal leading to unusual orgasms. For women, when in the missionary position with legs back by head, the balldo™ sandwiches the clitoris against the base of the penis and the spacer rings, this intense rubbing leads to rapid orgasms.The balldo™ is made from the highest grade of silicone which is 100% body safe material widely used in human prosthetics, medical devices and special effects make up. This material is tear resistant and very strong but at the same time, very soft and stretchy.

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