Doxy 3 Silicone Clitoral Wand Attachment Navy

SKU: 86015
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Clitoral flutter attachment – stunning stimulationThe Doxy Number 3 range has a unique head that can be easily unscrewed and replaced with any of our four specially designed attachments. They are exclusively designed for Doxy to create a whole new world of wonders.Each high-quality attachment is made from granite black non-porous, odourless, hypo-allergenic silicone for sensitive smoothness. They can all be firmly fixed, so there's no need to worry about them twisting or shifting in use.Your clitoris has thousands of nerve endings just waiting for excitement. When properly aroused it can double in size, creating a whole new dimension to your delight. This ingenious attachment for the Doxy 3 range gives you power and control for scintillating stimulation.6.6 cm (2.6 in.) long

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